Terms & Conditions / Terms of Service

The purpose of this statement is to ensure that all customers and visitors (The client) are aware of the terms and Conditions of using this site by either registering as a user or purchasing any service provided by Nationwide Tracing Services Ltd (NTS) the client agrees to these same Terms and Conditions.

Description of Service

For the avoidance of doubt, the client is purchasing either a subject’s new address, confirmation of that the subject continues to live at the supplied address or in the event of their demise, provision of whatever details are available. In all of these circumstances the agreed trace fee shall apply.

If there is a telephone number available at the new address, then this shall be supplied to the client free of charge. The supply of a phone number shall not be contractual, if no number is available then the lack of it will not affect the client’s liability to pay fees due for the supply of the address information.

NTS shall carry out the Specified Service by recognised methods in accordance with, and pursuant to, all relevant legislation, regulations, and accepted trade practices. NTS shall at all times act in accordance with all relevant current legislation and the Data Protection Act 1998.

Upon receipt of your instructions the trace is placed on the NTS System, and the tracing procedure starts. In all instances of tracing the gathering, storing, and reporting of all information will be in accordance with the Data Protection Act as amended.

Where a new address or residency at the supplied address is ascertained, this will be confirmed whenever possible through a minimum of two sources.

Where our investigations prove unsuccessful you will be furnished with a full account of our findings within a thirty-day period

Use of data

We will only provide information to a customer on the understanding that it is not to be used in any way that will breach any laws relevant to either the Customers locality or that of a Search subject. (Including by-laws and local authority legislation).

Your use of this site in locating people must not breach any court orders, injunctions or any other form of legal documentation or process forbidding forms of contact with a specific person. If such documents exist pertaining to a customer or their representative and their intended search subject, you may not use our services.

Before taking any actions with information/reports you may receive, please ensure that the intended use adheres to these same Terms & Conditions.

We allow you to access our website and instruct us to trace someone on your behalf on the understanding that information will not be used in a malicious or illegal manner

You agree to avoid visiting the address without informing the occupant unless it is a requirement to recover debt. Always write or telephone the address/occupant instead.


Nationwide Tracing Services Ltd accept no responsibility for the accuracy or entirety of data contained in our databases and any others that we may use to supply you with address information We make considerable efforts to make search results as accurate as possible.

To purchase via this website, you agree to be held solely responsible if the information you are submitting is found to be incorrect, misleading, false or fraudulent and you understand and agree that we (Nationwide Tracing Services Ltd, The Innovation Centre, Devon Way, Longbridge, Birmingham. B32 2TS) will not be held legally responsible for providing services based on any incorrect, misleading, false or fraudulent information by our customers.


NTS will not be responsible for breaches of the Data Protection Act 1998 which may be deemed to have arisen as a result of the original information passed to us which we, under current legislation, are permitted to use. All matters relating to original information and its compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 remain with the Client. Nationwide Tracing Services Ltd will not be deemed Data Controllers of the client’s information but only Data Processors. At all times the client is deemed as the Data Controller under the definition of the Data Protection Act (as amended).

Refund Policy

If you input incomplete or incorrect information whilst using this website the matter may be chargeable even if the case has not been completed fully as we charge for searches that have a positive result based on the information that has been supplied.

For the avoidance of doubt, it is essential that the client provides all previously known addresses connected to the individual being traced when submitting the initial trace request, failure to do so will remove the obligation of the Company to either re-trace without charge or refund any payments.

If we supply a new address – which the client believes to be inaccurate then this should be reported to NTS within six weeks of receipt. On such occasions we will re-check the supplied address, wherever possible using different sources. If, after further investigation, we find that our original information is incorrect, but can confirm the subject’s current address, this further report will be forwarded to you under the auspices of the original invoice.

In the circumstances where we believe the supplied address to be incorrect, but we are not able to furnish the new details then we shall monitor and perform ongoing searches for a further six weeks. If after this period, new address details are not available the client may request a full refund of all fees paid to the company in relating to the specific trace request.

If during the six-week re-working period, the client chooses to cancel their trace request then the company will return the fees paid minus a 33% charge to cover our administration costs

In the circumstances that we find our original information is correct you will be charged a trace fee for the re-working of that case (subject to service level agreement).


If the Client should cancel the trace request then NTS should be notified of the cancellation in writing to the company’s address shown elsewhere in this document or in the form of an acknowledged email. NTS will return all trace requests and the latest information available for each to the client together with an invoice for the work completed to the effective date. Where this cancellation occurs after NTS has advised the client of the existence of a new address and raised a sales invoice pertaining to this – then a cancellation fee of 100% of the outstanding balance will apply.


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales

Nationwide Tracing Services Ltd
The Innovation Centre,
Devon Way,
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